Join us for the 12th annual Pipe Band Competitions, on Saturday, July 27th!

Festival attendees will be able to watch some of the best pipe bands in the northeast in a spirited, yet friendly, EUSPBA-sanctioned competition. The competition begins at noon on Saturday and will conclude with a pipe band parade and massed band performance beginning at 5:00 PM.

Here are this year’s participants!

Grade 3

Buffalo Bagpipe Band Club, Buffalo, NY
Glengarry Pipe Band, Ontario, Canada

Grade 4

Rhode Island Highlanders, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Capital District Youth Pipe Band, Scotia, NY
Fingerlakes Pipes and Drums, Ithaca, NY
Mohawk Valley Frasers, Rome, NY
Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band, Worcester, MA

Grade 5

Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band, Syracuse, NY
Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums, Glens Falls, NY
Caledonian Pipe Band, Buffalo, NY
Mohawk Valley Frasers, Rome, NY
City of Albany Pipe Band, Albany, NY
Emerald City Pipe Band, Syracuse, NY

Here is the 2019 Schedule!

On Deck             Order           Play Time             Band Name                   

GRADE 5                                                                Quick March Set          

Judges: Joe Brady, Dan Lyden, Marc DuBois, Marty Beaton              

12:50                  1                    1:00                       Galloway
1:00                    2                    1:10                       City of Albany
1:10                    3                    1:20                       Emerald
1:20                    4                    1:30                       Caledonian
1:30                    5                    1:40                       Syracuse
1:40                    6                    1:50                       Mohawk Valley

GRADE 4                                                                Mini MSR                      

Judges: Joe Brady, Marc DuBois, Dan Lyden, Marty Beaton              

2:05                    1                    2:15                       Finger Lakes
2:15                    2                    2:25                       Rhode Island
2:25                    3                    2:35                       Capital District
2:35                    4                    2:45                       Mohawk Valley

GRADE 3                                                                Medley                          

Judges: Joe Brady, Dan Lyden, Marc DuBois, Marty Beaton              

3:00                    1                    3:10                       Buffalo
3:10                    2                    3:20                       Glengarry

GRADE 3                                                                MSR                                

3:40                    1                    3:50                       Buffalo
3:50                    2                    4:00                       Glengarry

Judges: Joe Brady, Dan Lyden, Marc DuBois, Marty Beaton              

PARADE LINE UP                   4:45                                                           

1  Mohawk Valley Frasers (4 and 5)
2  Caledonian Pipe Band
3  Galloway Gaelic Pipes & Drums
4  City of Albany Pipe Band
5   Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band
6   Capital District Youth Pipe Band
7   Rhode Island Highlanders
8   Finger Lakes
9    Emerald Pipe Band
10   Buffalo Bagpipe Club
11   Glengarry

PARADE AND MASSED BANDS                                                             


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Comments on past GAIF Pipe Band Competitions:

Michael Miller – Galloway Gaelic

“As always, you guys put on the best games, hands down.  Second to none!  Looking forward to next year!”

Patrick Sweet CRC

“We enjoyed the event very much. Thanks for all you do to make events like this possible…”

James M. Feeney MD, Talcott Mt. PB

“This was my first time at the contest, as you know, with the kids from Talcott Mountain…We had a wonderful time! That’s why the parade was genius. They were super excited to participate!  Also, we loved the band parking area right across from the circle. Excellent set up….All in all it was a wonderful contest and we will definitely be back!!”

Frank Riggio St. Anthony’s H.S. Celtic Friar’s Pipe Band So. Huntington, Long Island, NY

“Just wanted to take a moment, to let you both know that we had a great time at Saturday’s Competitions.  It was well worth the six hour bus ride each way.  We appreciate your hospitality and hard work in making the events run very efficiently.  Thanks again and we hope to see you both again next year (or sooner.)…The overall score for this festival was A+ in my book.  Great job to all who participated.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  We had a great time and a terrific learning experience.”

John Bottomley EUSPBA Judge Director of Bagpiping, United States Military Academy John Bottomley Bagpipes

“When I tell you I love coming up there, I mean it.”

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