Check in:         Begins at noon on Friday, July 24, 2015

Check out:      At the close of the festival Sunday evening, July 26, 2015


FYI refer to the website for discounted advanced sale tickets for entrance to the festival at:

The festival camping and parking personnel are volunteers. They want to help make your stay a pleasant one. If you’ve camped before you know each campsite has a list of rules to keep folks happy during their stay and here are ours:

1.  When you arrive at the fairgrounds, please let the parking attendant know you are camping.  Go straight through main gate straight down roadway until you reach camping registration on your right.  Pull up as far as possible and give your name, license plate number, and cell phone # to the volunteers and they will give you a parking permit and further direct you to your designated area. Bring your confirmation with you.

2. Changing sites is prohibited unless approved by the Camping Chairman

3. NOISE: We expect that there will be some noise for a reasonable amount of time after the show ends. However, we will expect and enforce absolute quiet by 1 AM until at least 7 AM. Please show courtesy and respect for other campers.

4.  Maximum site occupancy is six (6) people, and (1) Camper or Tent.

5.  There are to be NO fires on the fairgrounds.

6.  Display your parking permit in your RV or car window (for others).

7.  No generators.

8.  No fireworks.

9.  No pets.
While we have a very cooperative and cohesive group of campers, many of whom have been with us for many years, there are always a couple people who can’t behave themselves when away from home.  To that end, please be advised that any criminal activity will be promptly and swiftly addressed and prosecuted.  We ask for your cooperation in maintaining a top-notch camping experience at the festival.  Please advise our staff of anything that should be addressed. 
Showers are available in the morning in the blue bathroom building (near main gate).


If you have any questions during the festival, please stop by Camping Registration or the Information Booth at the Main Gate.


Further camping questions:



The McNamara’s, GAIF Camping Chairs