Each year, the Great American Irish Festival features the top pipe bands in the northeast in a spirited competition for both cash awards and all-in-good-fun bragging rights.  The competition, which is sanctioned by the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA), takes place on the Saturday of the festival each year in a specially prepared area on the festival fairgrounds, and is followed by a massed band march and performance.

Interested in competing? Click here to download the Pipe Band Competition brochure, and here to fill out the Pipe Band Competition Form!

General Rules and Information
Entry Fee: $50 per band for all grades – make checks payable to “GAIF Pipe Band Competition” and if you use the electronic entry fee, be sure to have your check at the *band meeting on the day of the contest (see below).
Free Admission for participating band members! Pipe band members competing in the pipe band competition or participating in the massed bands performance will receive free pipe band competition bracelets. All bands must submit a roster of competing members and those members participating in the massed band performance. The number of pipe band competition bracelets provided each band will be based upon this roster. If a roster is not submitted, only 10 bracelets will be provided.
EUSPBA Rules and Regulations: The competition is sanctioned by the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA) and will conform to the Association’s Rules and Regulations for sanctioned events. Bands are required to be members of the EUSPBA or other organizations with reciprocal agreements.
Draw for Competition Order of Play: The draw will be held prior to the competition and posted on the festival website on July 22. The contest committee will conduct a *pre-competition meeting the day of the contest at 10 AM – bands should have a representative in attendance. Competition will begin at NOON starting with Grade 5.
Cancellation Policy: In the event of GAIF cancellation on the day of competition, entry fees and travel allowances will be paid to all registered bands.
Accommodations: For more information on accommodations click here. On-site camping available. Camping sites go quickly. Reserve your campsite by emailing gaifcamp@yahoo.com.
Massed Bands Performance: There will be ONLY ONE massed bands performance, which will take place at the conclusion of the pipe band competition.
Pipe Band Parking: Parking is free, and pipe band members will receive a special parking permit to allow them to park in a reserved pipe band parking area.

Pipe Band Prize Money: Prize money will be awarded at the conclusion of the massed bands performance. Bands must participate in the massed bands performance to receive prize money.
Grade 3 – 1st: $700; 2nd: $600; 3rd: $500
Grade 4 – 1st: $600; 2nd: $500; 3rd: $400
Grade 5 – 1st: $500; 2nd: $400; 3rd: $300
NE JR Pipe Band League – 1st: $400; 2nd: $300; 3rd: $200

Pipe Band Travel Allowance: Travel allowance will be based on Google Maps one-way mileage. To receive travel allowance, bands must participate in the massed bands performance.
Over 200 miles – $400 100-200 miles – $250 Under 100 miles – $150


For additional information, contact Patrick O’Hara at 607-287-7679 or npohara@hughes.net or
Carole Hackett at 518-928-3655 or carolehackett@gmail.com.